Blessing of our brand new Pipe Organ

Friday 21st September 2018 saw the inauguration of our brand new pipe organ during Solemn Vespers of St John and Blessing of the New Organ, with the Rt Revd. Mgr Keith Newton presiding.   This is the completion of a project begun in 2013.   The project involved the building of a completely new mechanical action organ by F H Browne & Son Organ Builders of Ash, actually in our parish.   The instrument is completely new but importantly incorporates not only new some new pipes but also pipes of historic interest from the mid-Victorian period.   A great blessing for our Parish  –  Deo gratias!

Solemn Vespers of St John

Censing the Altar during the Magnificat

Blessing the new organ with Holy Water

. . . and the Reception after a short Recital



Seven of us from the Parish and from the Deal Mission of the Ordinariate of Our lady of Walsingham join the many thousands of Catholics gathered in Liverpool for ADOREMUS 2018 the first National Eucharistic Congress since 1908.
The picture shows our delegation at the foot of the Cathedral steps, just before the great Procession of the Blessed Sacrament, when we followed our Blessed Lord, truly present under sacramental signs, through the street of Liverpool  –  in the pouring rain!

Rosary on the Coast

Thirty of the Faithful of our Parish and the East Kent Ordinariate gathered on Walmer beach to join with our brothers and sisters around the country in praying the Rosary for Faith, Life and Peace in Great Britain.   Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

Last Blast

Also on Quinquagesima Sunday, the last Organ Voluntary in St John’s church was played on the 1959 Manders pipe organ, before the instrument is moved to add glory to St Andrew’s church in Sandwich.   It was Crown Imperial by Walton, since you ask!


Burying the Alleluia

Following the ancient custom of Holy Mother Church, the Alleluia is buried on Quinquagesima Sunday, the Sunday before Lent, while the hymn Alleluia, dulce carmen (Alleluia, song of sweetness, transl. J M Neale) is sung.   The ‘grave’ is sprinkled with holy water and censed.

Pipe Organ Update

The new/restored pipe organ for St John’s is making good progress in the workshop of F H Browne & Son, in Ash Kent.


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