Who’s who

The Parish is served by the Reverend Father Christopher Lindlar, who is the Parish Priest, and the Reverend Deacon Jed Watkins.      

lnd_0183-copy                   dcn-jed

Both Fr Christopher and Dcn Jed are available to visit anybody in need of spiritual help or counsel.   If you or someone you care for would like to talk to a priest in complete confidence, please do not hesitate to call 01304 374870.   Although the Sacraments are reserved to Catholics, we will gladly offer spiritual help to anyone, Catholic or non-Catholic alike.
If someone you care for is close to death and would like to receive the ministry of a priest, please call 01304 374870 without delay;  Fr Christopher or another priest will come as soon as they can, night or day.

The Catholic Church in Deal and Sandwich

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